Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Let the adventure commence...

As I sit here looking at the amount of possessions I have laid out across my bed, ready to be popped into my suitcase at the last minute, I think about the ‘to do’ list that I made several months ago. Things such as getting my documents together, booking flights and generally sorting out my life were on it. The packing part of things never really came into it, well until this week. 

 Where to start?!

Packing for four different seasons and especially seasons that I am not use to, is slightly annoying. I am told that the weather in Korea is similar to England but EXTREME. So I will still see the 4 different seasons, but the Summer will be very hot and humid (with a rainy season chucked in for good measure), and the Winter will be freezing cold and full of snow. The Autumn and Spring are apparently the best seasons as its not too hot and not too cold, but who knows. There is only so much you can read in books and on the internet. 

My baggage allowance according to the internet, my ticket and a Turkish customer service advisor on the phone, is 30kg. This seems like quite a lot, so I am prepared to expect some sort of confusion and denial of this amount at the airport. Although I am hopeful that all will be well, as I’m pretty sure I have packed up to the limit allowed. My flight leaves at 10.20am on Thursday morning...just 2 days away. I will be flying out from London Gatwick, and I have a connecting flight in Istanbul that will take me to my final destination of Seoul, South Korea. 

Arriving in Seoul I am to meet the Director of the school, who will then take me to my one bed apartment which I think is about an hour or 2 away from the airport. Although much of this is speculation as I may be taken to the school to start training immediately, but I’m not quite sure. You can not physically prepare for absolutely everything in this venture and with much of this, you have to just go with the flow. This has been quite a difficult thing to come to terms with as I am usually quite organised and like to know pretty much everything beforehand. I guess what I am trying to say is that it’s help me to chill out quite a lot, which is always a good thing.

This final week at home with my family in Brighton (and ofcourse the lovely Angmering) has been marvellous. Its been so great to spend this valuable time with my family and to say my final goodbyes to everyone. They have all been so supportive and I am going to miss them all so much. Genuinely I couldn’t have done this without their love and support over the last few months, of which I am truly thankful for. This whole process from start to finish has taken about 9 months (long enough to have a baby I hear some of you say). This includes taking the TEFL course, joining the agency and basically everything up until now, but I guess this is where the real adventure really begins. So lets start with how I mean to go on, with embracing everything that comes my way and just simply, saying YES to life! 

Here's to the Journey ahead!

POST SCRIPT: If you do not hear from me for a few days after I arrive in Korea then don’t worry. It just means that I have been unable to find an internet connection...either that or I’ll be too busy throwing delicious Kimchi and Dog down my throat to think of anything else. Jookes, I will of course let you all know that I have arrived safely as soon as I can. My UK mobile number will cease to exist after Thursday so if you want to contact me then please do so over Facebook or email. So for now, until my next post which will be from the wonderful Korea, I’ll say goodbye. Goodbye my friends, goodbye my family and goodbye to the good ole UK. 

To be continued...

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