Saturday, 21 February 2015

5 Days to go...

So here I am, a 29 year old unemployed single female living with her parents - hold on a minute...what’s wrong with this picture?! Oh yeah...EVERYTHING! Don’t worry though folks, its only for one week! Not that there is anything wrong with living with your parents and being unemployed at 29 - I joke...OFCOURSE THERE IS!

So far I am enjoying my time at home with my lovely family, but I am extremely emotional and I do keep on breaking out into tears at random intervals. Someone only has to mutter the word ‘Korea’ or ‘Kimchi’, and I turn into a wailing mess on the floor. Get a grip Sal...I hear you all saying under your breath. It’s a weird feeling and I can’t quite place it. I feel a mixture of sadness, excitement, nerves and worry, along with an overwhelming sense of adventure and loss, all at the same time. One minute I’m up, and one minute I’m down. It’s all quite bizarre to be honest.

So let me share some rather exciting news that some of you (that know me) will be absolutely thrilled to hear. I hope you’re all sitting down...here it is...after years of pretending to be The Ice Queen from Disney’s Frozen, even before Disney’s Frozen was released...I have finally...BOUGHT A COAT! That’s right guys, it happened. SuperDry (where else) came to my rescue and as I was reminded by my sister of the daunting temperature in Seoul at the moment, I thought ‘well heck -7 is pretty chilly, it’s probably time’ - actual quote. Earlier today, I also started assembling my belongings ready for the big pack! DREAD!

Packing is a task that just has to be done, not enjoyed, just done. I am pleased with my progress so far, but I still feel as if I have many many things left to do, or perhaps many more things to throw away. The week before I left London I managed to throw away even more of my belongings in hope to feel some sense of, well anything really. When in reality, I just felt totally numb. So I guess it was inevitable that at some point, I would crack, and on my last night in the capital, this was exactly what happened. Since returning home to Brighton, it has 100% hit me...oh wait, I’ve just given up my entire life to teach Drama to kids that won’t understand a word I am saying ...and on the other side of the world no less. Sure. Why not.

It’s impossible to think of anything reasonable right now, so I try and keep myself busy. It's also important at this time to be reminded of some of the simple things, like some of the many quotes that people have shared with me over the last few weeks. So with that, and as Departure Day edges itself closer and closer, I will leave you with all I can really leave you with. One simple quote that sums just about everything up...

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