Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halloween in Korea...

October 31st brings yet another holiday here in Korea and of course all over the world. Halloween is that time of year where kids (and adults alike) get dressed up and go out gallivanting around the town. Back home in England its not really a huge deal to be honest. There are parties and some children do indeed go trick or treating, but compared to other countries we definitely don't go crazy for it. Therefore it was great to actually celebrate this holiday, and it will be one that I will probably remember for a while.

When I arrived at school on the Friday I was greeted with black and orange decorations as far as the eye could see. Jack-o-lanterns, Halloween treats and a crazy amount of candy were among the many items on display, and it wouldn't be Halloween without a good ole pumpkin or 6. The children all dressed up and I was not at all surprised to see 4 Elsa’s, 2 Sleeping Beauties, a Cinderella and even 1 Rapunzel. They do love their Disney princesses. We also had a pretty scary looking Witch, a Pirate, and what I thought was Aladdin - turns out he was just a Ninja. Standard. I decided to go as a cowboy/sherif (easiest costume I could think of) which was great...until the kids started calling me 'Cow Teacher'. Really didn't think that one through! DAMMIT! It was good fun though and all in the name of Halloween.

The day was spent playing spooky musical chairs, hiding under blankets, and pretending to carve the crap out of an imaginary Pumpkin. The children went trick or treating around the school too which involved turning the lights off in my office and scaring the life out of the ones that came knocking, and then giving them candy of course. A couple of children did not want to participate because of their religious views and so they did not attend school that day, but the kids who did literally had a whale of a time. 

In the afternoon we made some pretty impressive jack-o-lanterns and read some scary stories, which proved a bit too much for some of the children but all good fun none the less. Everyone had a lovely old time and at the end of the day they all went home with enough candy to last until at least next year. This Halloween at my little kindergarten school in South Korea will be one of those days that I will definitely look back on with fondness. It can sometimes be quite a challenging job to have out here, but its moments like this that make it all worthwhile.

7 weeks until Christmas! Arrgh!

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