Wednesday, 9 September 2015

6 months and counting...

So its been a busy few weeks as you may have noticed. This is the first time I’ve actually managed to sit down and string a sentence or two together in what seems like FOREVER! Life just sort of got in the way for a while there, standard of course but completely unacceptable. I have come to realise though that Korea is genuinely quite tough! Its amazing and then its tough, and then its amazing again, and then its tough again...and then just when you think everything is going well, a landmine suddenly explodes in your face! BOOM! The expression ‘A roller-coaster ride of emotions’ is especially relevant here, and I don’t just mean Korea as I’m sure its a similar story in other parts of the world too.

Who knows why people choose to move abroad. Is it for an adventure? To escape or to find yourself? Or maybe to become the person you want to be? Or to change the person you already are? Or just simply because nothing else is going on back home. Everyone has their own reasons, and if they don’t then I’m sure they’ll find them soon. I was looking for an adventure and that’s exactly what I found, but what I didn’t realise is that it definitely does not come without its compromises, everyday stresses and standard dramas that life so often brings us wherever we may be.

As I have now gone passed the 6 month mark in Korea, everything has started to settle. People have come and gone, the weather has changed and the tides have turned. Everything is as everything was but with a slight difference; I now think I understand what this place is all about. There is always more places to visit and of course more things to learn, but I think I’m finally beginning to realise what living here really means for me. This experience is something that is almost unexplainable, you can have moments where you feel utterly lost and then 5 minutes later completely accomplished. You can feel proud, happy, empty, sad, vulnerable, liberated, carefree and sensible with a small dash of insecurity all in the space of perhaps just one hour. Its crazy, but I know now that it is all 100% worth it.

Over the last few weeks I have celebrated my 30th birthday, taken a trip to Daegu, missed a pals wedding from back home and said farewell to a few good friends I’ve met along the way. So with all these mixed emotions going on, I wasn't really sure what to actually write about in this post, perhaps that's why its taken me so long to do so. I do know however that I want to continue this journey and so I'll just leave you with a brief synopsis of things to come...

Last week I found myself once again in front of skyscanner, contemplating my next mini adventure. My winter vacation will be on and around Christmas Day and I luckily have a tremendous 10 days off in a row. So I have decided to simply throw caution to the wind and book a trip to that wonderful land down under, yes thats right folks...I’ll be celebrating Christmas and New Years in Australia! The last time I visited this place I was but a wee nipper around the age of 4 and so I don't really remember much. This time however I will be making the most of my 8 days there and I genuinely can not wait.

107 Days to go!

So watch this space as I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my quest for pavements, in faraway places...

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