Tuesday, 21 October 2014

From TEFL to the Language Show LIVE!

So on Saturday I attended the ‘Language Show Live’ at Kensington Olympia, London. This exhibition was for Students and Teachers a like to find out more about studying and teaching a range of different languages including our very own, English.

The TEFL section was particularly small and the seminars were more specific to teaching the exam side of things (on a specific programme), and did not cater for people (like myself) who just wanted to pick up a few teaching tips. All in all it wasn’t really that well programmed for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, however I did have an interesting conversation with a company called ‘Education First’.  The interesting thing about this company is that you can go off to China for a year or so and then come back to a secure Job in England, at least this is how they made it sound. I am actually considering this, as the thought of being able to come back and have a job here is extremely appealing. However, I haven’t really considered China as an option and I don’t really fancy it next to my beloved Korea if I’m honest. Either way it wouldn’t hurt to have a little meeting with them and look in to this a little more.

In other news this week I have received my documents back from the government, all notarised and aposilled which is great and took a lot less time then I imagined. I'll pop a little email over to the recruitment agent in the US, as its a good idea to stay in touch with them.

As I don’t have much else to report this week, I thought it would be a grand idea to attach some sites that I have found extremely useful through this process so far. So, if you are looking into doing a TEFL and packing up your entire life then have a little read of some of these fantastic and very informative blogs, sites and resources:



  1. Watch this space...I'll update everybody soon and all will be revealed! Its like Crystal Maze this...I bet the anticapations killing ya'll x


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