Sunday, 10 August 2014

Did you just say South Korea?!

Let me start by taking you back to May this year, when I made a conscious decision to pursue other pavements in far away places. Big, small, old and new, most of the world is covered in these things and I came to the conclusion that I would like to walk upon their paths. The realisation of space being nothing more than just air, that is completely up to me to fill, made me want to take up a whole new concept that would inevitably alter everything that I was familiar with, and allow me to basically, see the world. Having made the difficult decision to do this, I now find myself upon this new journey where I wish to experience something new, something unfamiliar, and something that I can look back on and know that I have made the most of every opportunity I could have. 

The concept in question was a TEFL course that I am pleased to say I have just completed, and this will hopefully become my passport to the world. TEFL for those of you that do not know stands for ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’. The course itself was brilliant, and I urge anyone thinking of doing it, whether you would like to teach abroad, or to just simply gain a better understanding of your own language to (as the popular shoe brand of Nike once said) ‘just do it’! It has opened up so many doors to me, some of which I wasn't even aware existed and although it can be tough going, it is totally worth it in the end. This is what I now hope to do in either South Korea or Japan. Yes, teach!

The difference between the two countries varies significantly, and if I am honest I think I will have a greater adventure in South Korea, so I will be concentrating my search here. From what I have read, the people, the food and the overall impression I get of South Korea is that it is a friendly, safe and utterly beautiful country that has in the past had a tough time in the public eye. It is a completely different culture to that of my own, and this is what appeals to me the most. Plus I’ve heard that they have the most delicious cuisines around, all of which I will of course be documenting throughout my journey. As my journey has already begun here is one of the many things I will miss about the UK. An English delicacy (if you can call it that)...

The classic English Breakfast! YUM!
I will soon be boarding the ‘train of change’ and starting my search, which I am sure will be another learning curve that I will hopefully be successful in. The path on which I now find myself on is ever changing. Day by day, new experiences that I have, enable me to leap into a world that has endless options and opportunities. So here I am telling you my story complete with beginning, middle but no end, and hoping that you enjoy reading my restless pursuit to saying YES to life.

To be continued...


  1. So proud that you're embarking in this new direction... We could poss collaborate and publish a book of our TEFL experience - 'The Adventures of Nishiko & Kiku' HA! Looking forward to following you on your journey and reading the next chapter of your pursuit of pavements x

    1. Aw thanks B...YES lets definitely publish a book...I'm genuinely serious! I'll get in touch with Penguin Books LTD straight away! Haha x


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